photo by The Wine Idealist
photo by The Wine Idealist

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– Manon, She Blushes Gris2015: Pale pink bleeds into orange, perfumed flavours rush at you like a ride down a water slide… orange roses wet with dew, orange peel, zest, and shredded ginger dusted with sugar, a chalky clutch of tannins and a pleasant trace of hard orange candy lingers long enough until the next sip. Deliciously addictive, highly drinkable… 12.5%, $36

– Manon, Love Lies Bleeding, 2015:  Ichorous black cherries stain the glass, releasing deep perfumes of musky blackcurrant and sweetened fennel forged by dry grown roots on the Norton Summit. An firm undertow of stemmy savouriness swells underneath such delicate red fruited finesse flowing freely above. Elegant and wild… 12.3%, $40



According to winemakers, Monique Millton (Millton Vineyards, NZ) and Tim Webber, much of the fruit for these natural wines comes from disbanded, wild vineyards still growing in the Adelaide Hills, as well as few organic vineyards within the same region. They moved to the Hills, inspired by the likes of Anton von Klopper from Domaine Lucci/Lucy Margaux, and James Erskine from Jauma wines. They make these utterly beautiful wines alongside people like James and Anton and a whole cru of other vinious vagabonds living, working, and wandering around the Basket Range and surrounding region…

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