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–  VANGUARDIST, HVB (Hunter Valley Blanc), 2014: Pale gold hay baled up on a misty morning… Brittle cheddar, lemon, dusted floral and fresh early morning perfumes. Curved textures. Strange for a sem so young. Refreshing and gently sweet, melon, ripe pineapple and sparked acids linger, salivate, and skulk behind an embedded flash of phenolics and avant originality. Curious and delicious… 13%, $37

– VANGUARDIST, CVR (Clare Valley Riesling)2015: Quick! Get thee down to the closest fish co-op and buy up all the oysters and prawns, you’re gonna need ’em… Pour this out and your glass will blush fuzzy gold, like a Hendrix riff in full effect. Frangipani’s doused in lemon and lime and a splash of pink lady apple juice. Such acid! Much yum! So fresh and so clean (clean)… 12.2%, $37

– VANGUARDIST, MVG (McLaren Vale Grenache)2015: Corbett the Killer riffs for days over dry grown vines, grown in the high sands of Blewitt Springs… Molten ruby sparkles and shines in the glass, while Christmas cherries, red roses and tomato leaf scents vent out the top. Sweet red fruits and BBQ charred game meats harmonise remarkably well, like Waits and Young… 14.1%, $48



One thought on “VANGUARDIST, HUNTER, CLARE, McLAREN VALE, 2014/2015

  1. Congratulations to you all, Michael what ever you accomplished it was always with your heart and soul, your determination and dedication is beyond belief. Respectfully, your mother.


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