photo by The Wine Idealist
Rosiny Grenache – photo by The Wine Idealist

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–  ROSNAY, FREEDOM, CERT. ORGANIC, PRESERVATIVE CHARDONNAY, 2015: Rich gold sparkles in the glass slinging ripe yellow stone-fruit perfumes – nectarines and peaches – with a tinge of citrus to sharpen the edges, and the senses. White wedding cake icing, soft mango and white hibiscus provides form, while slaking acids provide function. A day later, everything is a little softer, a little chewy, and a little closed. Drink immediately... 14%, $16-20

– ROSNAY, FREEDOM, CERT. ORGANIC, PRESERVATIVE SHIRAZ/MOURVÈDRE, 2015: This vibrant, royal purple wine, with hot pink edges, smells of plums stewed in a smouldering earth oven, with stems and brambles, and all. Lush red fruits march forward; soft raspberries, squishy cherries, while baked mulberries background a smooth, simple, easy drinking style that ought to be drunk as fast as four friends will allow…  13.5%, $16-20

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– ROSNAY, GRAND-MÈRE, RESERVE CHARDONNAY/SEMILLON, 2014: Named in honour of Sam Statham’s great-grand mother, Dolly – who was a rally driver and fashion designer in France – this wine races around the glass in flashes of bright yellow and gold. Super tropical with a flick of acid; fleshy pineapple with a crunchy core. Big and round and mouth filling… 12.5%, $30

– ROSNAY, GRAND-PÈRE, RESERVE SHIRAZ/MOURVÈDRE, 2013: The name, ‘Rosnay’ comes from Dolly’s husband, Albéric Francois Dulong de Rosnay, who met Dolly in a war hospital after being gassed in the trenches while fighting in World War I… This is a meaty red wine, that must be drunk with a porterhouse steak, cooked medium rare on the BBQ, and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. Expect ripe blackberries, sweet mulberries and ground pepper, a smear of liquorice and a few dried currents…  A touch musky, hence the call for steak… 14%, $30

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