HENSCHKE, 2014 Mount Edelstone Shiraz, Eden Valley, SA

Planted exclusively to Shiraz, over a century ago (by Ronald Angas in 1912), Mount Edelstone is named after the yellow opals that were mined from the hilltops of Eden Valley. Edelstone in an anglicised version of the German word Edelstein, meaning gemstone. Parts of the the vineyard’s geology are over 500 million years old, which consists of, primarily, deep red-brown clay-loam.


This 2014 release was harvested from 102 year old centurion vines, which are managed using biodynamic principles. The fruit was hand picked and fermented in open-top concrete fermenters. The 2011 wasn’t released, due to poor fruit quality, the 2013 is yet to be released… “It needs patience,” says Stephen Henschke.

So, the 2014  gets to see the light of day before its slightly older sibling…


Henschke, 2014 Mount Edelstone, Single Vineyard Shiraz, Eden Valley

The wine is glossy like the colour of Christmas cherries – crimson, inclining to deeper shades of purple and black. A few swirls to introduce turbulence and release the complex black and blue fruit aromas – tart mulberries,  sweet blueberries – enclosed by a halo of cracked black peppercorns and stone crushed violets. Alluring. Sensual. And, other evocative adjectives. In the mouth, delicate, graceful and smooth. Juicy, tart, yet sweet. Blood plum and brambly blackberry fruit flavours hang from a savoury structure of fine, but firm tannin, offsetting plenty of untold pleasures that linger long after the first sip… 

$225 / 14.5%

The 2014 Mount Edelstone Shiraz is available from February 1st, 2017…  henschke.com.au

D// – @honandaniel

† top image courtesy of Henschke 



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