Pinot Gris is the Ringo Star of wine. Mostly harmless, but the hits are few and far between.


Oh, honey don’t pass me by, just yet… If these three wines are anything to go by, with a little help from some friends, who know how to make the grape act naturally, you’ll begin to wonder what goes on in a typical glass of pinot gris…

From Sunday is James Becker, Sam Bowman, and Dave Kynaston… Together, they’ve managed to make more than a silk purse from a typical sow’s ear by pushing the progression and applying some compelling techniques to this, typically, spiritless wine grape variety. There’s a few recurrent themes throughout, which makes sense, because each wine is made from the same fruit, grown on predominately basalt soil from a vineyard in Orange, NSW,which sits around 900m up in the air. Each wine has been made three different ways, however they’ve all been spontaneously fermented, with no fining, a minor filtration, and a just squirt of SO2 before bottling…


Juiced… From Sunday, Pinot Gris , 2016 

The most ‘straight-laced’ in the whole collection, ‘Juiced’ dazzles with the colour of yellow tinged copper and smells like slightly oxidised oranges at an U10’s half-time team-talk – soft apricots and shards of caramel ginger toffee. Heaps juicy, slurpee-esque figs and brown red apples… $30 / 13%


Carbonic… From Sunday, Pinot Gris, 2016

Using the grapes as their own fermentation vessels, ‘Carbonic’ fills the glass with an elegant shade of dark orange roses and a nose redolent of ripe stone fruits; fleshy peaches, yellow nectarines and sour plums. In the mouth, slightly skinsy, and a little electric, it tastes of green topped strawberries, red apples,  figs, and a fresh squeeze of pulpy OJ, only to finish deliciously dry… $30 / 13%


Skins… From Sunday, Pinot Gris, 2016

How confusing! An orange wine from Orange? ‘Skins’ risks serious consequences… by using a red winemaking technique applied to white grapes that makes it the most exciting wine of the whole bunch. The wine blushes dark, the colour of red roses with hues of copper orange. The allure of ripe strawberries, fresh figs and sparkling pomegranate jewels usher in the grippy taste of sour cherries and sappy strawberries, a little pear, then, red currents. Such flavours enchant as they hang around… $30 / 13%

All three wines are available to purchase here… or contact for more info. 

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D// – @honandaniel

† pics supplied From Sunday and Sam Bowman Instagram


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