Made from 100% Yarra Valley apples that have been “fermented with a special sort of love,” this is one damn delicious, thirst crushing, soul loving, sweat dispelling cider that makes a sucker of the summertime heat.


The apples were grown at Yering Farm, by 3rd generation farmer Oliver Johns, hand picked by hand, and then, with Oliver’s help, transformed into cider by the Belfords’ of Steels Creek, that being Tom and Sally (the very same rock and rollers who make those super yum, back-label-loathing Bobar wines). All in all, they made around 800 bottles of this very yummy debut…

Also, the right-on, futuristic-50’s-throwback artwork is by Jamie Spies – a keen artist and recent design graduate who producers digital artworks, which you can see for yourself by clicking the link.

So, what does it taste like?


Adam’s Evening Apple Cider, 2016

Clip the crown seal and the cider goes spritz, fizz and froth… A ton of fun bubbles bead upwards through cloudy white-to-yellow sluice. A brisk swirl activates the sleepy VC’s and emits a fragrance of yeasty dried apples, bush florals and semi-soft cheese that might send some people’s olfactory factory a little screwy… Not mine. In the mouth, the taste of creamed honey and apple peel – tart, but tasty – on a hefty effervescent mouth feel which  finishes dry and snappy and ultimately assuaged… $20 / 8%

Small quantities of this salacious cidre de pomme are available from selected bottle shops around the traps (mostly in Melbourne), or email directly –

– –

D// – @honandaniel

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